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ESP32 Cam Mastery Book

Upgrade your ESP32 camera skills and level-up from beginner to master. Motion detection, face detection, object recognition, Telegram notifications and more included!

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Drag’n’Drop TinyML

Drop a CSV file with your data on the webpage to get your TinyML classifier ready to be deployed on any Arduino-compatible board!

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ESP32 WebServer GZIP Tool

Drop a file in the area below to get the code required to serve that file from your ESP32 WebServer as gzipped content.

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ESP32 remote Serial Monitor

Watch your ESP32 log messages from a web browser, even outside your LAN. Zero configuration required!

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WiFi Indoor RTLS

Need to track tens of people inside a multi-floor facility with a decentralized deployment without going bankrupt? Read how I did it with cheap WiFi microcontrollers and Machine Learning.

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Passing People Counter

Monitoring how many people entered your commercial activity can unlock key business decisions. You know what? It's cheaper than you may think!

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