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This book content will be beneficial for you if one or more of the following applies:

  • You feel a beginner using the ESP32 camera but want to upgrade your skills
  • You don' want to start from scratch every single new project
  • You like clean and organized code
  • You want to gain access to advanced features like multithreading, ESP-IDF wrappers, complex algorithms

This book content is NOT for you if:

  • You are using the ESP-IDF framework, not Arduino
  • You like the style of programming all the tutorials on the web have (verbose and spaghetti)
  • You are not willing to learn new programming skills

What's inside?


Configure image sensor and take your first frame

SD storage

Save ESP32 cam pictures on the SD card inside timestamped, nested folders


Send text and images to your Telegram bot without complex setups

Motion detection

React when something moves in front of your camera

Face detection

Find faces in frames at a blazing speed, included face landmarks for real-time applications

Face recognition

Give a name to the detected faces after you enroll them

Object detection

Advanced integrations of Edge Impulse object detection algorithms


Integrate all the above detections into larger systems using the MQTT protocol. Just one line of code away.

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“I recommend it. The coding style is consistent across the library. I like the use object-oriented principles to abstract the low-level details”


“This is brilliant! Thank you so much for doing all this work.”


“It's my first time with TinyML, and following the Pete Warden tips, it's complicated; then I found your tutorials. Great job, thank you.”


“Now I'm eager to start new ESP32 cam projects!”


“Your book and your codes are great.”


“It is excellent”


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